NOTE: This article does only cover BunnyBloYT as youtube channel. Not as company.

Bunny Blomerus(born 29th January 2007), better known online for their youtube-channel as BunnyBloYT, is a Swedish youtuber. They were born in and currently live in Örebro. Currently, they are mostly making Watch Dogs: Legion videos and streams.


They did start their career with playing Roblox. And when they did play Roblox, they did often play the game Jailbreak. In Jailbreak they did have the Ufo, McLaren, Ferrari, Tesla, R8 and many more vehicles.

As of Watch Dogs: Legion came out 28 October 2020. Bunny started streaming it everyday until the end of January 2021. At the end of January 2021 Bunny did take an break until the start of April.

Old Series:


A Minecraft series of when they is building their dream house in Minecraft. The series is started 29 April 2019 and totally had 4 episodes.

About Bunny Blomerus:

Full name: Bunny Jamie Valentin William Friedrich Atreyu Twilight Stefan Blomerus
Social media: Instagram
Work: Founder of BunnyBloYT, Bunny Books, and Webbstart. They are also a full-time student.